Fabulous Friday Update! [Feb 9, 2018]
By: Cowlio
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Hey there, today I bring you guys a new type of thread that will be coming weekly to our forums. On these threads (which are created each Friday) we will fill you in on what's happening on our server! We hope this can get you guys more involved and we'd love to hear your suggestions. So let's start!

What's New:
Well first off, we have re-opened the server if you haven't already seen. We've revamped a bunch of the servers adding new and exciting things.
KitPVP has a new map, along with a whole new kit and rankup system
(for more information on this, check out this thread: https://foru...

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AngelicCraft 2.0! Updated the Network! [Feb 9, 2018]
By: Skill
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Hello, thanks everyone for the wait. I hope it was worth it!

We updated all of the server in a few things or many as you might tell already! I'll be saying what was added on each server so that you guys can be familiar with it.


  • We added a new scoreboard, the other one was nice, yes. But we felt like it was too old already so we added a new one which included playercounts on each server including the new ones that are yet to come!
  • New global /msg, you can now msg anyone on the server without him/she being your friend!
  • New prison scoreboard, with way more info. Also when yo...

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New prison and factions safe trade system! [Dec 26, 2017]
By: Skill
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Hello, we have added a safe trade system so that players can easily trade with others without fearing getting scammed (not saying this will stop any scams and we will not help you if you get scammed unless if it involved real life money) To use you simply do /trade (player) wait for them to accept and start trading! I'll leave a video here so you guys can see the system easily:

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Top voters rewards [Dec 21, 2017]
By: Skill
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We will start giving rewards to the top voters of each month, doesn't matter in which server do you vote from, it'll still count! These will be the rewards:

1st place: A $35 buycraft voucher!
2nd place: A $25 buycraft voucher!
3rd place: A $10 buycraft voucher!

This will be done every month starting the next one (january) rewards will be given the 1st of every month so top voters of january will get their vouchers february 1st!

To vote you can simply do /vote in game or hit the "vote" tab in the website.

TO CHECK THE LEADERBOARD DO /GAL TOP (Will be reset every month)​

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Prison new custom enchants! [Dec 19, 2017]
By: Skill
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Hello everyone!

Today we're here with a new feature that is custom enchantments, all you need to do is right click your pickaxe and you will be able to buy right away. I'm going to explain the enchantments so you can know about them better:


Gives you speed when holding the pickaxe, the higher the level the more speed you get.


Give you a particle effect chance-made in which you can see particles off blocks! The higher the level the more particles can show up.


Allows you to bomb mines and make a certain radius dissapear at once. The higher the level the bi...

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