AngelicCraft Slowing Down. [Jun 13, 2018]
By: Skill
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So recently the server has been pretty dead and to be honest to keep it as a network with such many gamemodes is just going to end up killing it unless I had thousands to spend on ads which I clearly don't. So I will be temporarily closing down some servers, I won't delete them, just close them down to see if there's any chance for AngelicCraft still. People keep asking for new gamemodes yet that's just going to kill it way faster if I keep on putting out gamemodes. So Imma make a poll and the top 2 voted gamemodes will stay and the other ones will be closed. Note that the ones that are sta...

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Poll - What server(s) should stay? (2 votes per person max) (Poll will be open for 4 days)

Prison - 35% - 15 Vote(s)


Factions - 21% - 9 Vote(s)


Survival - 14% - 6 Vote(s)


Kitpvp - 16% - 7 Vote(s)


Creative - 2% - 1 Vote(s)


Skyblock (release it) - 12% - 5 Vote(s)

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Kitpvp opened! Officially non pay 2 win! [Jun 2, 2018]
By: Skill
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We are happy to announce our new and improved kitpvp! I really sat down and thought about it to make the experience as best as possible for everyone. All kits and upgrades are obtained through in game currency which is obtained through kills and vote keys. Donors have multipliers for gold, but that's it. DUels are still working fine and like they used to. Now you can get op armor (diamond armor to mix with your kits) in all types of crates, scratch cards are also still available to test your luck and get money!

Top kills of the month will get buycraft rewards such as:
1st. $20
2nd. $10

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Prison Update (Bug fixes and more) [Apr 30, 2018]
By: Skill
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So thanks for waiting while I was on this. I really hope you like it (really didn't change much though)

Pretty much the main things fixed were blocks that couldn't be sold and some custom enchant problems that was the thing that took the most time (People could use explosion on items they can't break same for xp enchant) We also fixed the annoying glitch were items would be mixed up.

We have also added a new system that involves mine crates which is basically a mining systems that allows you to get a chest (if you're lucky enough) and get contents inside of it, you can get even multiplier...

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Prison Reset Thoughts - We'd like to hear from you! [Apr 27, 2018]
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Hello, Over the past few days we have discussed doing a prison reset. We made a poll and it received.. mixed results. So, we'd thought it would be a good idea to open a discussion with the community to share our opinions. Please keep responses civilized and respectful for everyone to represent their thoughts.

Happy Posting! ;)

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Survival Update! [Apr 6, 2018]
By: Skill
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Hello as you may have seen today the survival was down the whole day, this was because I was doing a somewhat "cool" update that hopefully you guys will enjoy.\

First, we have added diseases, yes. You can now get sick and die, here's the info you need to know about it:

If you want to heal yourself using money please use the hospital in spawn (near the wild portal)

CAUSE: Injuries caused by breaking blocks with bare fist, no effect but if not cured with bandage infection chance is increased.
CURE: Bandage

CAUSE: Contracted in the insect infested jungle, high fever...

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